Brands on Instagram: What’s not to love?

Here’s a great article from Mashable on how big companies use Instagram to engage with their audience and build their brand. Being an avid Instagrammer, I can contest to this and say it works. Really well.


For an advertising project in school, I was working on a fake ad campaign for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. In doing so, I began to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get a sense of their branding efforts better. My partner and I found that they had an Instagram contest called Capture Euphoria, where you would use the hashtag #captureeuphoria on Instagram with any picture that you felt.. well… captured Euphoria. It didn’t even have to be about Ben & Jerry’s. Winners received Ben & Jerry’s ads with their Instagram photo in local advertising in their neighborhood. Ben & Jerry’s knows what it’s doing.

This was a year ago and I am still happily following them and enjoying each post. Their Instagrams brighten my day. They give me a craving for their ice cream that has made me go to Wegman’s and buy a pint or two after seeing a post. Each one is carefully crafted to make a joke out of one of their silly flavors, or sometimes even show beautiful fan photos. Instagramming often, but not too often, is a perfect way to keep yourself in the consumer’s mind. They are being constantly reminded of your brand in a way that will make them loyal to you and want to buy your product more often. Good job Ben & Jerry’s!

“A fan favorite since 1997. Leaving real fish out was a good choice.”

“In 2004, we invented fork-free cheesecake.”

What’s your favorite brand to follow on Instagram?