Retail Me Not: Saving money effortlessly


Retail Me Not is the world’s #1 online coupon site, which isn’t hard to believe. This smartphone app allows you to find, save, and use thousands of coupons and offers from thousands of stores – all in the palm of your hands. It’s a win-win situation for both the consumer and the business: the shopper saves money, and the company gets them into their store (or online site), whether they were planning on it or not.

Here’s how it works

Finding the coupons:

The home screen of the app lets you scroll through “Today’s Hot Deals“, exposing you to the best coupons out there today. Below that is where your Favorite Stores are held, for easy access to the brands you are most likely to shop. It’s easy to add favorite stores; they will suggest popular choices, or you can search yourself and with a single click, they will be displayed on your home screen. You can also search using Nearby, which shows your nearby malls and offers within them, and also nearby offers within five miles that may not be in a mall. The Nearby feature is a great way to find deals and stores close to you that you may have never known you could find! If you know you’re going to the mall, you can search through your their coupons easily without searching every store individually. Trending is another feature on Retail Me Not’s app that can expose you to deals that are big at the moment. What is everyone else taking advantage of that you should be in the loop with? If there’s a specific kind of store you’re looking for to save on, you can search through Categories to find exactly what you want. You know you want to get some cute accessories for your friend’s birthday, so you can scroll through the endless amounts of coupons listed un Accessories!


To make things easier for you, with a simple tap you can favorite any coupon you’re interested in, and Retail Me Not will store them together for you for easy access. They even categorize them depending on whether they are in store or online store coupons. Just swipe your finger to the left to access your Favorites!photo

And get this: they list the ‘success rate’ on each coupon to give you a realistic expectation of whether the coupon will work or not. It also lets users comment on the coupons to share their experiences with others. Talk about honesty!

Did I mention you don’t have to sign up or log in to get the coupons?! There’s no commitment!

Using the coupons:

Clicking on any offer you find will take you to an image or description of the coupon. If you’re using the coupon in store, simply present your phone to the cashier who will then scan a barcode or use the alphanumerical code provided. It’s that easy! If you’re using an online coupon, there will be a code to use during checkout. What’s interesting about the deals on Retail Me Not is that they can either be discount coupons or regular specials. For example, a restaurant might put up a deal for “kids eat free on Tuesdays”, or an online clothing store may have “$5 tank tops this week only”, which you don’t need a barcode or code for, it’s just a reminder on a current sale. These kind of deals can be annoying when you’re trying to find ‘real’ coupons, yet they still are effective for some.


Who does Retail Me Not want to attract?

They want shoppers, young and old. They also want to find people who like to save money. There are some people who only shop if they have a coupon, making Retail Me Not the perfect shopping companion. Shoppers, bargain hunters, and regular customers searching for the occasional sale can be young adults and moms in particular, but Retail Me Not is looking to target anyone with an iPhone and a wallet.

Why is Retail Me Not so great? Is it even effective?

Yes! The greatest feature of the Retail Me Not app is the accessibility. No more keeping crumpled old coupons stuffed at the bottom of your bag. You’ve now got any coupon you could ever want organized in your smartphone, an appliance that’s with you at all times. It’s easy to use, easy to find great deals, and easy to apply them to your every day shopping. From my own experience and reading other third party reviews, the best part about it is that you’re saving a lot of money when you didn’t even know you could before. People have grown accustomed to checking the Retail Me Not app first before shopping anywhere, in case a good deal is missed. Browsing through the thousands of coupons on the app can also prompt a purchase you weren’t expecting to have, but is useful anyway.

Retail Me Not will send you automatic alerts to your phone when deals are nearby, and even remind you when your favorited coupons are about to expire. They want you to get the most our of their money saving abilities!

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We’ve learned why Retail Me Not is worth it for consumers, but how about businesses? Companies who place coupons, deals, and sales on Retail Me Not are at an advantage to companies who solely market the traditional way. Putting your logo on the app can introduce new customers to your store that may not have even heard of your brand. It will bring new and existing customers into your store (in person or online) who will probably end up purchasing more than the coupon entails. They might not have even needed the the product or service, but because it’s discounted they’ll get it. Putting your brand into the consumer’s mind using Retail Me Not can also have them perceive you as a store with many deals to look forward to, making them check your coupons or site actively. And of course, if the deal is that good, they’ll share with friends and family which is always important!

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a consumer or a retailer, get on this app asap and start saving!

Where do you find your online coupons?