The Internet without ads… come again?!

Yes, there is such a thing, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet…


Check out this Mashable article explaining this new phenomenon. It’s a tiny white box (looks like Apple TV!) that apparently blocks all advertisements from websites and video/music streaming! It even works on mobile devices and their apps. There’s nothing to download or install, you simply plug it in between your router and modem, and it’s only $139.

While this small device will clear up your cluttered internet experience, I feel like advertising is a part of our viewing experience. Wouldn’t it feel weird to not be bombarded by them? We are so accustomed to clicking out of the same ads that pop up when we watch our tv shows, or moving our eyes right past the usual ad spots.

And for that matter, do we ever take notice of ads? Do we even stop and read them, or do we totally ignore them, unless there is something about it that attracts us? To most people, they’re just annoying. But for others, it’s not even a problem because they’re so used to it.

Do you think you’ll get the Ad Trap?