My 15 Favorite Guerrilla Marketing Ads

Guer-ril-la mar-ket-ing: noun – innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

When brands want to go big, they turn to guerrilla marketing. It’s a perfect way to make a statement about your product in an unusual way. It gets the consumer’s attention because it’s not in the typical places you see ads. It’s everywhere. And you can’t really ignore it like you might with traditional advertising…not like you would want to anyway. Smart advertisers utilize nature or every day items we see or use everyday – such as a bus, street, or building. These everyday things look like products or how products are used a lot of the time, and we don’t notice this until we see it used in guerrilla marketing. There are endless examples of great guerrilla marketing, but here are 15 (in no particular order) of my favorites that I’ve seen:

1. Using things that look like an enlarged version of your product to get your point across


2. Human interaction to make it work (this one is too funny)


3. Using every day products to prove a point


4. Grabbing the public’s attention


5. Adding onto normal signs that totally change the meaning (I love this one)


6. Spreading the message by specifically targeting their audience (so creative)


7. Imitation of the success of the product using every day things


8. Using things that look like an enlarged version of your product to get your point across… with a funny caption!


9. Bags!


10. Using already occurring scenes that look like your product (smoke!)


11. Picturing the product on you without even trying


12. Using nature’s beauty to show your product’s beauty


13. Using nature when it directly pertains to your product


14. Human interaction to make it work, without even knowing


15. Demonstrating your product in an unusual way


What is your favorite example of guerrilla marketing?