This new iPad ad is something special.


If you haven’t seen it yet, click the link above to watch Apple’s newest TV ad on the new iPad. This ad is different than how Apple typically advertises. Before the iPad is even shown, the commercial focuses around a pencil. A soft and heartwarming voice tells us how the pencil has created wonders for the world. He shares who it has been used by, what places it’s been used in, and what it’s used for. “It has transformed the way we work, learn, create, share”. The mysterious yet uplifting music in the background sets the tone, as he takes us through different mesmerizing settings where you can find a pencil, from the scientist’s lab tent in the wilderness, to a Chinese school classroom. Never even mentioning the word ‘pencil’ throughout the entire ad, it ends with the new iPad being lifted out from behind the pencil. This is telling us two things: 1. the iPad is as thin as a pencil since it’s been hiding behind it all along. And 2., whether they were actually talking about the pencil or not, everything that we thought he was telling us about it, was actually about the iPad. Which means the iPad is just as revolutionary as the pencil. “It’s an extremely simple tool, but also, extremely powerful”.