PureWow: The one email you will actually want to read


I cannot thank procrastinating enough for letting me stumble upon my new favorite site: PureWow. Its name doesn’t lie; this brand is everything I love, all in one place. After happily giving PureWow my email address to start sending me goodies, I immediately followed them on all my favorite social media sites, which also seem to be theirs too!

With the tagline “Elevate Your Everyday”, PureWow brings new discoveries and fabulous finds to your email inbox each morning. Based around this daily email, the up and coming brand delivers everything, including beauty, home, arts and culture, tech, and my favorite: food and travel. With everyone’s busy lifestyles these days, they describe it as a “savvy friend” who knows all the next big things, so you don’t have to do the digging around the Internet yourself. The emails are the main attraction of PureWow, but if you’re looking for more, Purewow.com has it all too.


What’s great about PureWow is that there are different email subscriptions you can sign up for, based on your location and interests. In addition to the National email, you can also choose to receive an edition from any one of five thriving cities: NYC, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas. PureWow will share your city’s best kept secrets with you, so you can impress your friends and take them to the coolest spots in town. If you’re a big fan of food, like me, you can subscribe to the twice-weekly Recipes email, which brings you new and yummy recipes to try. Or if you love a good read, the once-weekly dose of the Book email is for you! PureWow also has a once-weekly Money edition, sharing tips on how to stay smart and save. What I really like about PureWow is how they love to personalize your experience with them. Between the different editions, it’s easy to have your emails tailored to what you want to read, so you’re not automatically deleting an email with irrelevant material. You can also add any of the articles to your “My Wow List”, a collection of your favorites for easy reference. Plus, articles that you share on social media are automatically added to the list!

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Today, I received three lovely emails that I read over lunch. In my National email, I watched a DIY video on funky tableware. In my New York email, I discovered an unusual coffee shop that offers a plethora of board games to battle out with your friends. In my Recipes email, I learned an awesome recipe for smashed potatoes that I am going to try next week! Each email isn’t overloaded with columns of information; it provides you with one new idea for your day. I really like how the bottom of the email has a clear call to action, where it suggests your next steps, such as checking out the games offered at the cafe, or seeing more like it. The local editions also offer you “Nearby & Now”, with more to check out if you are interested. The bottom of the Recipes edition leaves you “Finishing Touches”, which include tips or variations of the dish. And of course, sharing is caring. Buttons are readily available for you to share through social media and email.

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The target audience for PureWow is intended to be women in their 30s, but it is also very popular for women in their 20s, like me. It was created as a breath of fresh air from the overload of mommy blogs and teen magazines, with not much in between. These women are most-likely Pinterest fans who love fashion, food, and crafts. They enjoy scouring the web for new finds, but with their busy lifestyles involving work and relationships, sometimes it’s easier for these young professionals to have it delivered to their iPhones.

Since PureWow was founded about three years ago, it has proven itself to be successful. They boast a subscriber list of about 2 million, with 1 million unique visitors a month to their website. Since the daily emails are free, they make money through advertising. The ads aren’t annoyingly plastered onto every free inch of space on the email and site, and they go right along with the content. As I mentioned earlier, what I love about the PureWow is that the emails are short, sweet and to the point. They feature one new find of the day, something you can read during a lunch break without getting caught up in it all. PureWow doesn’t overload you with content that you’ll never read. It’s not the kind of email you delete as soon as you get it. And if it is, you can easily unsubscribe. PureWow receives explicit permission from you to send you emails, so you’ll never get anything you don’t sign up for. Within minutes you receive a welcome email from PureWow, getting you excited for what’s in store. In this email, they make sure they won’t be forgotten in spam folders, ask you to share with your friends, and visit their site to get a head start. Once you start to get the daily emails, you’ll find that the subject lines are creative and sometimes funny, enticing you to open it and see what’s new today. In the email, you’ll typically find a welcoming and beautifully-designed landing page, complete with gorgeous photos that you’ll love to gush over.

And the rest is history!

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Have I convinced you to sign up yet?