Pinterest pays tribute to Nelson Mandela


A few hours after the tragic news of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I went on Pinterest and something different than the typical feed of mouth-watering food and stylish clothing. A picture of Nelson Mandela along with a quote by him and a button that read “Get Inspired” topped my feed.


When you click ‘Get Inspired’, it takes you to a Pinterest feed dedicated to the life of Nelson Mandela. Quotes and photos pinned by various Pinterest users show that Mandela was a true inspiration and loved by all.


Pinterest took action immediately upon hearing of Mandela’s death by jumping at the opportunity to do something about it.  The team at Pinterest knew that his death would result in thousands of pinners to pay their respects on the site, so they made it easy for them by setting up this page. When brands think quickly on their feet and adjust to the current events taking place in the world, it shows that they can adapt to situations and use it to offer new content.