The 80 Rules of Social Media


Check out this graphic showing Jeremy Waite’s “80 Rules of Social Media”. Jeremy is the head of social strategy at Adobe, which makes sense by this perfect set of rules. And he’s based in London, which just makes him even cooler. He’s coming out with an expanded version of this in book form, coming out in May 2014.

There are a lot of rules here that I read, completely agree with, and can totally relate to, including:

#2 – “Social Media is ALL about your audience, be they consumers, viewers, fans, followers or users. It has nothing to do with you, or what you think”.

I believe it sounds very unprofessional when you can tell a community manager’s personality by what they post or the way they commonly speak. Post what you want to post on your personal accounts and leave the content on the business accounts relatable to the followers. Give the audience what they are interested in and what they signed up for, or else you’ll lose them!

#4 – “1 active user is a BIG deal. They have 140 friends. And their friends have 140 friends each. Therefore 1 piece of great content has the chops to reach 2.7m people within just 4 generations.”

I can’t tell you how many times I click on random links that my Facebook friends post. They’re usually from somebody I have no real relationship with, but I’m procrastinating and the links sound interesting. I end up reading a mesmerizing article, watching an inspiring video, or finding my new favorite start-up. Most of the time, I’ll share it myself on my social media accounts, and then somebody else might find it and pass it on. Even though I know I have virtually no followers on this blog, I am hopeful that somebody will read something here, which will then spark them to share it, and eventually help me to gain a following.

#68 – “Not everybody likes kittens, girl fails, the Harlem Shake, or bulldogs on skateboards. Find stories that resonate with your audience and tell them well. See rule 49”.

Don’t hop on the viral bandwagon and post this week’s biggest social craze. Post content that stands apart from the rest, and more importantly, that your audience wants to see. It will make your company look more creative, original, and desirable.

And aside from the rules listed that I know and love, there are many that I haven’t had the chance to experience making a mistake on yet. Reading all 80 rules has given me insight on what to expect when I join the full-time working world (less than six months until graduation!) and how to go out with a bang from the start.

What is your favorite rule?