Behind The Kiss: What Isn’t Obvious About The Viral Video

By now you’ve probably seen the video floating around social media that documents strangers kissing through a black and white filter. Everyday I see tons of videos being shared on Facebook and decide to watch them every so often. It took 10 Facebook posts on my timeline to click on the Youtube link that now has over 39 million views. “Beautiful” and “Heart warming” is what people are saying about the video featuring 20 complete strangers kissing and their interactions.

I bet you didn’t realize it’s a fashion ad.

The clothing worn by the strangers are from a small fashion line, Wren. And the strangers happen to be Wren founder Melissa Coker’s friends. They actually did not know each other before the shoot, but they are all actors, models, and musicians, which explains a lot. She shot the video to introduce Wren’s fall fashion line, just like she does every season. She wanted to do something different in this one, but was not expecting it to go viral like this.

This fashion video is a brilliant example of a successful marketing strategy that isn’t obvious like the rest. Nowhere in the video is an explanation, a close-up on the clothes, or even the name of the brand (except discreetly in the first second of the video). However, the ad went viral and has since touched people around the world in a beautiful way. People who would’ve been unlikely to be targeted by a fashion film are watching it and becoming inspired.

However, in my opinion, is it really that successful if the majority of viewers don’t know the extent of it? I only know because I found an article about it. Yes, it’s gone viral and nearly everyone with a Facebook has probably seen it, but how much of the video traffic has translated to traffic on Wren’s website or even Facebook page (which has a mere 5,000 likes)? While the clothing line is definitely reaping the benefits and getting press, they may not be getting as much as they could if they made it more obvious. In fact, Melissa Coker has realized this and has since uploaded a different version of the video on Youtube, naming it “Wren Fall 14 – First Kiss #KissingMovie”, when the original simply states “FIRST KISS”.

What do you think?