Honey Maid: Everyone’s new favorite brand

Honey Maid, America’s favorite graham cracker brand, has kept their marketing efforts pretty low-key for the most part. They have active social media pages but never had any content that really stood out or caught the attention of the public.

Until this past month.

Honey Maid recently created the marketing campaign, This Is Wholesome, which embraces family moments and wholesome experiences. They released a 30 second ad spot featuring gay, mixed-race and tattooed families loving each other and being, well, wholesome. Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes after watching it, and I know many other viewers had the same effect.

It wasn’t long until the haters chimed in loud and clear. Just like Cheerios’ commercial last year featuring a mixed-race family, people were furious that brands were recognizing different family dynamics. Honey Maid received a lot of negative comments from the ad. However, how they handled the situation may have been even better than the original ad.

Yesterday, Honey Maid released a new video, showing what they literally did with all of the hate, and all of the love. In another heartwarming video, two artists use the hate comments on social media to create a message: Love. Next, they use the overload of positive comments around it to show how much love came out of the ad. Again, this brought me to tears. I read the comments on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and tons of people are saying they’re going to be buying Honey Maid products more often. All because of their beautiful message and perseverance to be #wholesome.

What more could a brand want? Honey Maid’s first This Is Wholesome ad brought attention to an otherwise under the radar company. Their genius response garnered even more love and publicity. I can bet the sales will be rolling in soon.