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Honey Maid: Everyone’s new favorite brand

Honey Maid, America’s favorite graham cracker brand, has kept their marketing efforts pretty low-key for the most part. They have active social media pages but never had any content that really stood out or caught… Continue reading

Pizza and Selfies: The Biggest Winners At The Oscars This Year

Award shows like the Grammys or the Oscars are a perfect time for brands to connect with fans. Everyone is watching and rooting for their favorites, taking their predictions and excitement to social… Continue reading

The 80 Rules of Social Media

Check out this graphic showing Jeremy Waite’s “80 Rules of Social Media”. Jeremy is the head of social strategy at Adobe, which makes sense by this perfect set of rules. And he’s based in… Continue reading

Pinterest pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

A few hours after the tragic news of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I went on Pinterest and something different than the typical feed of mouth-watering food and stylish clothing. A picture of Nelson Mandela… Continue reading

PureWow: The one email you will actually want to read

I cannot thank procrastinating enough for letting me stumble upon my new favorite site: PureWow. Its name doesn’t lie; this brand is everything I love, all in one place. After happily giving PureWow… Continue reading

Almost Every Brand in This One Picture

Check out this article “10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy” and see for yourself how all of these brands are controlled by only 10 large corporations. I love how this puts everything… Continue reading

I am loving this Virgin America safety video!

Some love it, some hate it. Virgin America has just released a new safety video that they will start to show at the beginning of each flight, starting in November. The video, directed… Continue reading

9 Ways Oreo is Utilizing Social Media Correctly

I’m not saying that I think Oreo is the #1 brand on social media or even up there, but I think they are a great example of a successful brand on social media.… Continue reading

Countries + Food + Design = LOVE

Check out this article showing beautiful depictions of flags from around the world: made entirely out of food! And it’s not just any food… they actually created the flags based on food that… Continue reading

Brands on Instagram: What’s not to love?

Here’s a great article from Mashable on how big companies use Instagram to engage with their audience and build their brand. Being an avid Instagrammer, I can contest to this and say it works. Really… Continue reading