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32 Things I Learned at the AMA International Collegiate Conference

This past week I had the opportunity and privilege to attend the American Marketing Association’s 36th Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. The conference is a gathering of over 1,300 AMA college… Continue reading

Behind The Kiss: What Isn’t Obvious About The Viral Video

By now you’ve probably seen the video floating around social media that documents strangers kissing through a black and white filter. Everyday I see tons of videos being shared on Facebook and decide… Continue reading

Pizza and Selfies: The Biggest Winners At The Oscars This Year

Award shows like the Grammys or the Oscars are a perfect time for brands to connect with fans. Everyone is watching and rooting for their favorites, taking their predictions and excitement to social… Continue reading

Sochi Fails Become Marketing Wins

Everyone loves the excitement of the Olympics when they take over the media every 2 years. Athletes suddenly become heroes and celebrities. Everyone seems to have a new interest in odd sports (skeleton?).… Continue reading

The 80 Rules of Social Media

Check out this graphic showing Jeremy Waite’s “80 Rules of Social Media”. Jeremy is the head of social strategy at Adobe, which makes sense by this perfect set of rules. And he’s based in… Continue reading

PureWow: The one email you will actually want to read

I cannot thank procrastinating enough for letting me stumble upon my new favorite site: PureWow. Its name doesn’t lie; this brand is everything I love, all in one place. After happily giving PureWow… Continue reading

Hulu: The Enjoyable Ad Experience

When you miss last week’s episode of Modern Family, you watch it on Hulu. When you want to see that funny clip from Miley Cyrus’ host appearance on Saturday Night Live, you can… Continue reading

Retail Me Not: Saving money effortlessly

Retail Me Not is the world’s #1 online coupon site, which isn’t hard to believe. This smartphone app allows you to find, save, and use thousands of coupons and offers from thousands of… Continue reading